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what is reverse speech?

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Reverse speech is a covert level of communication that is automatically generated by the brain when we speak. It can be heard when human speech is recorded and played backward. It operates in unison with forward speech and it is complementary to it.

In other words, the content and context of the reversal relates to the forward speech. Speech reversals are communicated and understood at an unconscious level, but can be brought to the surface in a Reverse Speech session.

It requires a trained ear to consistently identify and interpret these hidden messages. Often they have a singsong quality that sets them apart from the apparently meaningless sounds that surround them. They tend to be grammatically unusual, and are sometimes metaphorical in meaning.

Using a strict protocol, the analyst can successfully reveal statements that are communicated from the subconscious or higher mind of the individual. Together, the analyst and client can discuss the meanings of these reversals within the context of the client's experience. Startling realizations and solutions result from this collaborative effort.

By revealing and understanding speech reversals, we can open the door to the unconscious mind of anyone. Prove it to yourself....listen...

How Can You Use Reverse Speech To Improve Your Life?

Imagine the benefit of accessing your own unconscious mind. Of going beyond that to converse with your higher self. Imagine being able to understand the secret messages embedded in the language of other people in business, and relationships. What if you could tell what the politicians were really saying? What's the truth behind the news? Full story .....

Can It Help Improve Your Business?

Embedded messages have been shown to help direct people to make the most profitable decisions in the allocation of resources, in choosing investments and in hiring practices. It can identify unconscious beliefs and patterns that sabotage your success. Considering a partnership or joint venture? Your potential associate reveals more than he or she knows in the messages imbedded in their speech. In radio and television advertising, the hidden language contained in the audio can make or break a campaign. Even voicemail, often your company's first contact with the customer, contains hidden messages that can help or hinder your marketing strategy.